About the Investors

Mr. Faycal Kahloun is an investor in the Montreal Angels. Mr. Kahloun is a successful Montreal software entrepreneur and has founded two software companies with very successful exits. In 1989-1990 Mr. Kahloun founded Cimmetry Systems, and under his leadership as President and CEO, the company grew steadily over the years, resulting in its acquisition in 2005 by Agile Software Corporation.

Mr. Kahloun is still actively involved in the software community, both locally and internationally, and is interested in providing both financing and guidance to other local high-tech start-ups. Mr. Kahloun is a member of several angel investment groups, and has invested in multiple small start-ups both directly and through these organizations. Noting the scarcity of active Montreal angel investment groups, Mr. Kahloun decided to found the Montreal Angels, to provide more assistance to Quebec start-ups.

Mr. Ajit Nilakantan founded Cimmetry Systems in 1989-1990. As CTO and Vice President he controlled the design and development of Cimmetry's product-line, and was responsible for producing category-leading software renowned in the marketplace. Mr. Nilakantan was actively involved at every level of the development process, including hiring & managing teams of developers, and high-level software design.

Mr. Derek Gold joined Cimmetry Systems in 2000 and focused on both marketing and product management. Mr. Gold helped to position Cimmetry's products as the premier solutions in the marketplace, and worked to establish a strong international brand and reputation for the company. He was also involved in the successful exit of Cimmetry Systems. He is also the primary contact for the Montreal Angels for evaluating Business Plans and opportunities.

The Montreal Angels comprise several other members as well. They bring with them a variety of skill-sets, including software design and development, sales management, marketing, corporate strategy, and finance, covering the full range of abilities required to successfully get a small company up and running profitably. These skills are made available to the start-ups in which the Montreal Angels invest.