Overview of angel investing:

Angel Investors are individuals who invest a portion of their wealth in early-stage companies. Due to the high-risk nature of such investments, angel investors can obtain a higher returns with these investments than with traditional investment vehicles. Angel investors often provide more than just capital however, by contributing their time, experience, and business contacts to further the company goals. Angel investment can be used as an alternative to Venture Capital, or as a way to obtain investment at the pre-VC stage. Some key concepts you should be familiar with are described below.

Key concepts:

Pre-money valuation: The pre-money valuation is quite simply, the dollar value ascribed to your company before a round of outside investment is made. This might include amounts for intellectual property owned, assets, investment made to-date, the dollar value of time spent on R&D to-date, and other items.

Post-money valuation: The post-money valuation is the pre-money valuation plus the investment. Once the investment has been made in the company, those funds are added to the value of the company.

Dilution: Dilution refers to the reduction in the proportion of ownership due to bringing new investors on board. Dilution occurs at each round of investment.

A simple example:

What are the Montreal Angels looking for in terms of investment opportunities?

We are interested in funding software or high-tech start-ups located in Montreal and other areas. We are looking for companies with a good product concept, a definable and significant target market, unique technology, a dedicated and experienced management team, and potential for profit. Interested companies should have already completed some development work on their product(s), have written a comprehensive business plan, and have some initial financial projections.

Does my company meet the qualifications for application?

Use this checklist to see if your company meets the requirements for application:

How do I apply for funding?

If you are an entrepreneur and you wish to seek funding from the Montreal Angels, you can make your submission directly from our website. The process is as follows:

What must be included in my application?

You must submit both your business plan and a completed application form. Please make sure that your application is fully completed. Your business plan can be in your desired format, but must include certain required information. These business plan requirements are outlined here.

What language must my application and business plan be in?

Your application and business plan may be in either English or French.

Where can I find the application form?

The application form can be downloaded from here in Microsoft Word format.

What information must be covered in my business plan?



Sales and Marketing


Financial Situation

How do I submit my application and business plan?

Please submit your completed application form and business plan using the form linked from this page. Please make sure to submit both documents with a single submission of the form.

How do I know whether my application has been accepted?

We will contact you by email after you submit your fully completed application to inform you that we have received it. After that however, we will only follow up with those companies who meet our criteria and with whom we are interested in speaking further. We will contact you either via phone or email. You can increase your chances by ensuring that your application is filled out completely and meets the criteria described here.

How can I contact the Montreal Angels if I have any questions?

You may contact us at any time by email at info@montrealangels.com with any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.